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Cellular Phone Agreement

Written authorization from the parent/legal custodian will be needed by  a club administrator indicating that the member is in possession of the phone. Each letter will be kept on file during each school year.

The Boys and Girls Club of Malvern and Hot Spring County is not responsible for loss or theft of members’ cellular phone.  A member may NOT have the phone in his/her possession without this written authorization and administrative approval.  Unauthorized use of cellular phones will result in disciplinary action which includes:

  • The first offense- confiscation of portable communication device for one (1) day and parent must pick up the communication device, with a conference. 
  • The second offense- confiscation of portable communication device, conference with parent, and lose privilege of phone for ten (10) school days. 
  • The third offense- One day suspension and loss of privilege of portable communication device for remainder of semester. The portable communication device will be confiscated and returned to parent/legal custodian following a conference.

If cellular phones or their usage become disruptive at the Boys and Girls Club, their possession may be prohibited.  Cell phones may NOT be used for photographing purposes.

Cell Phone Agreement for Boys and Girls Club

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